All processing plants are registered with Primesafe and are approved for export.

Turi Foods has two poultry processing plants.

Built in 1977 and acquired by Turi Foods in 2009, our plant at Breakwater, Geelong produces the Golden Farms brand of chicken which is mainly distributed through major supermarkets, independent supermarkets, Quick Service Restaurants, as well as many other chicken outlets. Golden Farms employs approximately 400 people.

The La Ionica and Bannockburn brands are processed at our plant in Thomastown, Victoria. This plant is based on the European method of “air chilling” and does not use spin chillers as a cooling method. This facility supplies mainly charcoal chicken outlets and specialty chicken stores and distributors. Approximately 350 people are employed at the Thomastown plant.

Each of our processing plants is registered and regularly audited by Primesafe Victoria and approved for export.


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