Breeder Farms

Strict bio security requirements ensure stock remains disease free and produce clean high quality fertile eggs.

Turi Foods has 15 breeder farms in total. These farms are located at Pakenham in the south-east to Nagambie and Benalla in the mid-north to Bannockburn and Anakie in the west of Victoria.

Five of these farms are used to rear our birds to 22 weeks and then they are moved onto 1 of the 10 production farms.

At capacity our farms currently produce approximately 1.3 million eggs per week.

Our breeding chickens are farmed under strict bio-security requirements to ensure our stock remain disease free and produce clean, high quality fertile eggs. Visits to our breeder farms are limited to ensure that we minimise the risk of introducing any diseases.

All our breeding stock is raised in a conventional method where there are no cages.

The cockerels are mixed in with the females and mate naturally. When the birds lay their eggs they choose a nest which is elevated off the floor. The eggs are collected 4 times per day and stored "on farm" in temperature controlled cool rooms before being transported to the hatcheries.

The eggs are graded "on farm" to ensure that only the cleanest eggs are taken to the hatchery.


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