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A Personal Message from Sam Cuteri


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Over the past year, you will have noticed changes beginning to happen at Turi Foods. The time has now come for me to tell you about where we will be taking the business in the future. 

Many of you know, especially our longer term members of staff, how I feel about this business. It is something I created with my wife Maria almost 45 years ago, a few years after we immigrated to Australia. It started as a desire to create a better life and never could we have imagined just how successful it would be. This is something I am incredibly proud of. During those years, we had some tough times, particularly in the early 90’s …. but we managed to work through them, and with the help and support of my children, we built a business that was even bigger and stronger than it was before.

Approaching my 70th birthday has made me realise that I have a responsibility to my family, and to the loyal employees and contractors of the business, to make decisions for the future which are in the best interest of all concerned. This has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make and it has not come without much thought, discussion and emotion. Therefore, I have decided to join forces with OSI International Foods (Aust), another family owned company, to become one of the largest food companies in Australia. I envisage that by retaining some ownership and working with another like-minded party, we will continue to grow the business even further, expanding into areas where we have never been before.

Whilst this move will be a difficult one for me personally, I am excited about being a part of the continuing growth and success of the business. I encourage you all to embrace the changes which are about to occur, and continue to work  for the new business to be known as TUROSI, in the same as you have always done for Turi Foods.

I will always be around, and working at a high level to ensure that Turosi continues to grow with the competent management teams of OSI and Turi Foods.

I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart, for your hard work, your commitment and the respect you have always shown to me and my family. Some of you have been along with me on this journey for some time and have played an enormous part in our success. I hope you are as proud of our achievements as I am.

So whilst the journey may have altered its course, it is in no way over. With the direction of an experienced and extremely qualified board and leadership team, I am certain the legacy I have built, with your help, will remain for many years to come.

Warmest Regards

Sam Cuteri
Chairman, Turi Foods


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