Turi Trust

It is a great privilege to know that as a company we can make a difference to the people around us.

At Turi Foods we believe that we have a responsibility to assist those in our community who are less fortunate than we are. There are many people who are struggling with the basics of life or who find themselves in difficult situations. We need not look very far to find who these people are.

It is our responsibility to be aware of such misfortunes and take time out from our daily business practices to give back to our community, helping those in need. For us it involves a small contribution of money or time. For the recipient it means the world.

At Turi Foods we understand that being part of a community brings great responsibility but it also brings great privilege to know that as a company we can make a difference to the people around us.

In 2010, Turi Foods launched the philanthropic arm of their business – ‘The Turi Trust’. This trust has been established to manage and direct the charitable offerings of the Turi Food group and their employees.

Turi Trust Mission Statement

To ensure our community responsibilities are met in caring for those in need both in Australia and abroad with a particular emphasis on children and young adults.

Objective of the Turi Trust

  • To assist employees in helping those in need by way of direct donation, product, or other forms of assistance.
  • To create the frame work for employees to become more actively involved in assisting communities through volunteering programs.

Community Partnerships

Over the years The Cuteri Family and staff at Turi Foods have been proud supporters and contributors to many worthwhile charities.

Some of these are – The Northern Hospital (Northern Health), Geelong Hospital (Barwon Health), Oxfam, The Cancer Council, Whitelion, Reach Foundation, Royal Children’s Hospital and many more.


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