We are committed to the protection of our most valuable asset – the environment

One of the biggest challenges facing business today comes from the realization that we need to take responsibility for the protection of our most valuable asset – the environment.
We are inspired to take action and make a difference. Turi Foods is committed to doing its part toward leaving the environment as clean as possible for our children and their children.

We are committed to the environment and will constantly review and update our practices and procedures to ensure that the very best environmentally friendly alternatives are sought and implemented, continually improving production and business methods, wherever possible.

Turi Foods has recognised that by employing some basic key internal strategies we can work towards a sustainable future.

These strategies include:

The Road to Sustainability

This strategy identifies the areas we need to focus on in the short term and in the future. Our aim is to reduce waste and energy use as much as possible and send as little waste as possible to landfill.

A Change of Attitude

Our employees will be guided and trained in ways to become more sustainable. They will be shown how a change in attitude towards sustainability and the choices they make in their work environment can make a difference.

Working together

We will participate in education programs designed to show us ways to achieve our goals. We will work with our major trading partners on projects involving sustainability.


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